How to Handle Driving Anxiety


Everyone experiences driving in a different way. For some, it is a pleasant, fun and exciting time while for others it could be something that triggers their anxiety. Driving School Paphos offers student-oriented driving lessons with a focus on making every student feel relaxed and confident. However, there are many drivers who suffer from driving anxiety, and unfortunately, driving anxiety can cause various physical and emotional symptoms such as shortness of breath, panic, sweating, trembling and more. Driving anxiety can also affect a driver’s behaviour on the road and affect their decision-making abilities. Here are a few tips for how to handle driving anxiety.

Find the source of your anxiety

There are many things that can trigger someone’s anxiety on the road. Identifying what triggers your anxiety can really help you in handling your anxiety. Some fear the chance of an accident, while others do not like driving in traffic, parking, or driving in places they do not know. When you find out what your trigger point is, it will be easier for you to work in order to handle it.

Avoid triggers if possible

Once you identify what triggers your anxiety you can try to avoid them if you are not able to handle them. For example, if parking on a busy road stresses you out, you can check for big car parks beforehand, so that you know where to park without worrying. Or if you get anxious when driving in unfamiliar places, you can use a GPS to help you or even check the road beforehand to have an idea of where you are going.

Know and practice your relaxation techniques

If you are driving and you feel like anxiety is about or starts to kick in, you should start practising your relaxation techniques. So, if you suffer from driving anxiety and you do not have any relaxation methods, you should find some that work for you and use them when necessary. Some of these methods include deep breathing, visualization, and progressive muscle relaxation. These techniques can relieve you from the tension and make you relax and focus on the road.

Build confidence through practice

As in all aspects of life, practice makes perfect in driving as well. Practice driving and face the things that trigger your anxiety a little more each time. Start with something small and then continue until you start practising what causes you anxiety. Practising what you fear can make you more confident and help you avoid anxiety incidents.

Seek professional help

Reaching out to a professional can help you handle your anxiety effectively. Therapists are familiar with different conditions and have the knowledge to help you handle driving anxiety.

In conclusion, there are many drivers that suffer from driving anxiety which is something that affects their driving experience. If you are among these people, make sure to follow these tips to improve your driving experience and roam around without constantly worrying.