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Driving License Categories

Driving School Paphos offers lessons and seminars for different types of driving license. We have professional driving instructors with expertise in each category who know the major tips, driving rules and safety tips for each driving license category.

Trust the professionals of Driving School Paphos for lifelong driving knowledge and a guaranteed driving license.

Provisional License
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A provisional driving license in Paphos, is obtained upon completion of 17,5 years of age and after successfully passing a verbal exam on the road signs and driving rules.

Provisional License

Whether you want to obtain a manual or an automatic car driving license, our professional driving instructors can help you do that on your first try.

Car License

Our experience and expertise can help you obtain a professional driving license and drive your truck or bus with safety and responsibility.

Professional License

Riding a motorcycle requires special skills and knowledge due to the speed and power of each motor vehicle. There are different motorcycle licenses based on this power.

Motorcycle License


Can I drive a bus when I get my driving license?

No, there is a specific license for driving buses and it is under the professional licenses. People who want to obtain a bus license need to fulfill specific requirements based on the category of bus license they need.

How can I prepare for my first driving lesson?

Firstly, make sure you get enough sleep the night before, so that you are focused and alert during your lesson. Relax and trust your driving instructor. If you listen to the instructions of your driving instructor, everything will be fine. For your convenience, you should wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothes and shoes. Do not wear sandals, flip flops, or heeled shoes. Moreover, remember that it is important to learn in your own pace and not feel like you have to be perfect from your first ever driving lesson.

How many lessons do I need to pass my car driving test?

The number of lessons that are needed is different for every single student. Some students have some experience while others have never been behind the wheel before. Moreover, some people take manual car lessons while others take automatic car driving lessons. This also affects the number of lessons someone needs, because learning to drive a manual car usually takes more time. Therefore, there isn’t a fixed number of lessons someone needs to be ready for a driving test.

What is the purpose of a provisional license?

A provisional license is a step before a full driver’s license. A provisional license allows people to book a driving test and start having driving lessons with a qualified instructor. Moreover, a holder of a provisional license that is under the age of 18 can drive a car under the supervision of someone who is older than 30 years old and has a full driver’s license for at least 5 years. If the person is over 18 years old, the person accompanying and supervising them must be older than 25 years old and have a full driver’s license for at least 5 years.

Can I take driving lessons before obtaining a provisional license?

No, driving lessons are only available to individuals who hold a provisional license. You first need to obtain a provisional license to start learning to drive on public roads.

Are refresher lessons available for experienced drivers who want to improve their skills?

Yes, our driving school in Paphos offers lessons for experienced drivers who want to improve specific driving skills or regain confidence on the road. These lessons are tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Do I need to bring my own helmet for motorcycle training?

We provide helmets and other necessary safety gear for motorcycle training. However, you can also use your own helmet and safety gear.

Can I take driving lessons in English?

Yes, our driving school in Paphos offers lessons in English to cater to international students and residents who are more comfortable with the English language. Our driving instructors are fluent in English and can guide you through your journey of obtaining your driving license.

Driving School Paphos

Are you ready to hit the road? Passing your driving test is not enough. A proper driver is not every driving license holder. A proper driver is one who has confidence on the road and road safety knowledge for life. This is the type of drivers our driving school in Paphos creates; confident, cautious, skilled and alert.

Our experienced driving instructors are always ready to teach you how to drive but also provide you with valuable driving tips and skills you will use for years. We offer driving lessons based on each student’s needs and goals. Our lessons are tailored to each student, their schedule, knowledge and skills.

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Student Reviews


I started my driving lessons with an amazing instructor of Driving School Paphos when I turned 17,5 and got my provisional license. The lessons were enjoyable and I learnt so many things not only about driving but also how to think while on the road. I passed my driving test the first time on the day of my 18th birthday!


I came to Cyprus to work and already had a car driving license but since the whole road system is opposite to where I am from, I took some classes to gain confidence to drive in Cyprus. My driving instructor in Paphos was excellent and she helped me overcome my fear.


Excellent driving school! I passed my driving test the first time and I really excited, thank you!


I got my A2 motorcycle license thanks to Driving School Paphos. The instructors were great, informative, and helpful. I will be back for my category A license.