Car Driving License in Paphos

Valuable Driving Lessons

We offer driving lessons for automatic and manual cars and provide our students with useful driving knowledge and safety tips to use throughout their driving life. Our aim is to offer our students the best driving lessons by also teaching them road safety and responsibility, and not only help them obtain their car driving license.

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car driving license in paphos

Our Car Driving Lessons

Learning to drive a car can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Every driver or new driver experiences driving lessons differently and at Driving School Paphos, we ensure everyone has enjoyable driving lessons. Our driving lessons are learner centred with the emphasis on each student’s needs and goals. We schedule our driving lessons in Paphos based on each student’s preferences. Some students want to get their car driving license in Paphos as soon as possible while others do not mind if it takes weeks, months or even years. Therefore, we schedule our car driving lessons in Paphos based on each student’s own pace.

Automatic and Manual
Car Driving Lessons

Our driving school in Paphos has a high first-time pass rate on both automatic and manual car driving tests. Students choose which type of car driving license in Paphos they want to obtain, and we make sure to offer them the best driving lessons and contribute to their success.


manual car

Manual Cars

  • More economic in terms of initial cost as well as fuel consumption.
  • For some drivers, changing gears can be a more fun and engaging experience.
  • A manual car license is often a requirement for various jobs.
  • It’s easier to find a manual than an automatic car to rent.
automatic car

Automatic Cars

  • Learning to drive is usually faster.
  • Easier to drive, especially in traffic.
  • Better for people with specific medical conditions that affect mobility as not both legs are needed during driving.