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the importance of understanding road signs in cyprus
The Importance of Understanding Road Signs in Cyprus

Understanding road signs is essential to ensuring your own safety as well as the safety of others on the road. That is why all drivers in Cyprus need to be familiar with the road signs to navigate the roads safely and effectively. Read below to find out why it is important to understand road signs in Cyprus and the consequences of ignoring them.

how to plan your route and use gps effectively while driving
How to Plan Your Route and Use GPS while Driving

Planning your car trip route with the help of GPS can be a great way to save time by avoiding unnecessary driving and quickly finding your destination. It can also reduce the stress of driving and help ensure you arrive safely. In this article, you can learn more about how to effectively plan your route and use GPS while driving.

the importance of viechicle maintenance
The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

One of the most important things every new driver must keep in mind is how vehicle maintenance is so crucial. Having your car regularly maintained is extremely important so the car can function and so that any issues and breakdowns can be prevented in advance. It can also expand the lifespan of the vehicle and the condition of the car will be kept and maintained. Here you can read in detail about the importance of vehicle maintenance in Cyprus.

How to Handle Driving Anxiety

Everyone experiences driving in a different way. For some, it is a pleasant, fun and exciting time while for others it could be something that triggers their anxiety. Driving School Paphos offers student-oriented driving lessons with a focus on making every student feel relaxed and confident. However, there are many drivers who suffer from driving anxiety, and unfortunately, driving anxiety can cause various physical and emotional symptoms such as shortness of breath, panic, sweating, trembling and more. Driving anxiety can also affect a driver’s behaviour on the road and affect their decision-making abilities. Here are a few tips for how to handle driving anxiety.

defensive driving in cyprus
Defensive Driving in Cyprus

Defensive driving is the type of driving when drivers follow specific techniques to reduce the risk of accidents on the road and keep everyone safe. Defensive driving in Cyprus is based on the concept of being aware of not only your behaviour on the road but also of the moves and reactions of other drivers. Here are the techniques included in defensive driving in Cyprus which can help keep every driver and pedestrian safety.